Big Cartel eCommerce and Book Cover

I was fortunate to be invited to create together with two of my favorite friends a book cover, using Branca Victor’s artwork and the passionate words of Julie Pereira. After the book was published the author asked me for the cheapest way to have an e-commerce site where she could also sell her book, besides having it at During some old research, I came across Bigcartel offers a free 5-page e-commerce website. Like any other free product, it offers special features for a monthly fee, but in her case, she just wanted to have 5 pages and the free version was perfect. Using elements of her book cover I was able to redesign the free template to have the perfect look and feel for her book.

If you own a free site and would like a quote on a redesign, don’t hesitate to contact me. We could together create something unique that will make your business pop out of the computer screen for a small fee. Here are some sites or social media programs that can use a little redesign lift:,, blogger, twitter, facebook, google plus, Drupal, Yahoo sites, Joomla and any other web applications.