Portal Redesigns/Upgrades

Dec. 19, 2016

The portal received a new server and software upgrade.  As the primary project manager, I provided a report of the previous baseline changes the college had done to the product and coordinated implementation and testing for the new product. The goal was to provide a seamless transition to the users, without any design changes.

Jan. 1, 2015

Another portal redesign completed. The new version has a responsive layout and a clean modern look that does not follow the website look and feel. This project was slightly different because per my request, a portal committee was created that included direct department representatives, making the experience much easier and fun for everyone in the institution. The results were an overall positive feedback from all at the college.

Sept. 4. 2013


The portal was yet again redesigned the beginning of 2013. The new design incorporated elements from the new website, which made the portal become part of the new marketing campaign.

Nov. 19, 2010

first redesign

When campus EAI delivered the portal to Cochise College it lacked a design or identity with the college. In order to attract students today, you really have to use most of the technologies available.

After the launch and implementation of the portal functionality it was time to dive into its CSS and really give a pump of design. The college marketing had created a new look using small square pixels on the top of every header.

With that in mind I started to design the new header. It looked really good and having only one logo really helped separate the portal from the main website.

The navigation was pushed lower and a new background was created. With that in mind, I decided to use the college official red to create all of the buttons. I needed a background color for text and plain white just wouldn’t do.

I created a 2x2px white png with 50% opacity and repeated in all directions. Wow, it looked so much better and it gave the user the benefit of still enjoying the graphic in the background. The background was repeatedly used throughout the whole theme.

The login page had already been implemented with a new flash instructions movie and now to fit the new look I had to make its background transparent and it just popped beautifully. Unfortunately, I can only show static images of the juice end results after you log in.

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