Education Website Redesign

I was asked to work closely with the marketing department to completely redesign the college’s website. It took a whole year of hard work between features and design decisions together with content overlook to create the new college website. We added tons of features including a home page marketing area, a mega menu, tabs, toggles and much more.

“Thanks for your hard work on this initiative. I am very pleased with where our web presence has gone over the last year.” – by College President

The site is now user friendly and fun to navigate. Information is mostly one click away and social media is readily available throughout the site. Facebook likes and twitter followers have increased tremendously.

“I just wanted to tell y’all I love the new webpage! Having been a student elsewhere, I appreciate how this new page is similar to other schools now, making it easier to navigate. Plus, it is clean and professional! Great job on the update!” – by College Student

The move of private content to the college’s portal has also helped increase the use of it, directing the correct audience to their respective places. Once the website was completed, elements used for its design were incorporated on the college’s portal redesign creating a more unifying look and feel.

“I just wanted to complement you on your website. Your college website is very user-friendly. All information is very accessible, and links are extremely fast. The different web pages constituting the whole of the website each have concise information exactly relevant to its purpose. There is no information overload, which is excellent! I also like the choice of fonts, and how the most important information (the information the user of the page is most likely to be looking for) is highlighted in bold, and the supporting information is slightly de-emphasized via being written in an unbolded, but easy-on-the-eye, color and font. For example, this page contains the different Cochise College campus locations written in bold red for emphasis, while the address, and phone number of each location is written in an unbold smooth black: the overall effect is that the information on this page is extremely easy to locate at a glance, and the information I was looking for on the other pages were similarly easy to navigate to from the home page and spot. Anyway, I wanted to compliment the team or individual who put the website together on a job well-done!” – by College Student

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